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China-Africa Foreign Trade Port

GEMSY Five Continents Technology Group with All African Customers Together to Establish the One Belt One Road Cooperation Blueprint

GEMSY group responds to national “One Belt One Road” strategic policy, based on global 30 sub-companies and 50 offices as well as cooperation relationship of governments and chamber of commerce, By virtue of this advantage, GEMSY group could upgrade the trade capacity by combining African industries characteristics.

Zhejiang China-Africa Foreign Trade Port Co.,LTD services for GEMSY group. Is one-stop foreign trade integrated service platform which provides services like financial services,cross-border e-commerce, overseas business development,headquarter economy and logistics. GEMSY group responds to national “the Belts and Road Initiatives”to base on China- Africa and serve globally. CEMSY group aims to realize the informatization rebuilding of foreign trade model and to create a business ecosystem with leaders drive, elements agglomeration, complete base,functions and strong radiation by integrating resources and innovating technology of big data.


Taizhou cross-border e-commerce industrial park gathering all kinds of cross-border electric business platform, international logistics, international finance, public service, personnel training, business incubation, full efforts to make cross-border electronic commerce at the provincial level industrial park, taizhou cross-border e-commerce at the core of the demonstration zone, taizhou total stage-gate cross-border trade mark. Through trade function area development and innovation of management system, as the core modern e-commerce platform, build a set of cross-border e-commerce, import and export trade, headquarters economy, professional trade services, foreign trade supply chain services, logistics, warehousing, business incubation, and other functions in the integration of cross-border e-commerce industrial park, taizhou formation trade elements highly concentrated, leading enterprises driving, trade pattern innovation, improve the service function, perfect infrastructure, has a large trade radiation effect of cross-border e-commerce first demonstration area.